School master caught in Key West, FL

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Hello, world!

My name is Barbie and I’m an offshore fishing deckhand here in Key West, FL and owner of The Key West Fisher. I’m a bit of an odd duck, in that I’m a lady deckhand, who doesn’t really eat fish of any kind (except for that elusive wahoo) and I started my adult working career basically chasing tornadoes.

But how I got to Key West is a story for another day. When I first arrived in Key West, I started working with fishing teams, found a busy dock, organized tackle and bait for a small fleet of charters, and got the customers on the right charters for their own Key West fishing adventure. I found there is a need for good information on booking the right charter for the right experience. So I started fishing with and working alongside the top captains here in Key West.

Sailfish in Key West, FL
Sailfish in Key West, FL

From offshore pelagic fishing to backcountry tarpon fishing, I’ve fished it all with the best there is to fish it. The idea for The Key West Fisher started with photos and videos from my experiences out on the water. This unique experience has also given me the opportunity to bring you the best personalized experience out on the waters of Key West. Family outings, chasing that one dream fish, corporate gatherings, or bachelor parties. There’s something for everyone. Even more importantly, I’ve fished on that boat with that captain, so I know you’ll be in good hands.

That’s why I started The Key West Fisher. A place where I can help you with all of your Key West fishing adventure needs.

I’ll see you down at the docks soon!

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