Ladies offshore fishing in Key West, FL
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Mahi, Wahoo and Ladies having Key West fun

Yes. I’m a woman and I am a deckhand. Some of the best trips I’ve had have been my all girls charters. My favorite of all of those, was my best friend’s bachelorette party. Several ladies traveled from all over the US to fish in Key West, and celebrate our favorite ray of sunshine. From expert to fly fishing to complete novice, we had all levels of fisherman on the boat that day. Getting a group of ladies together for some fishing fun in a safe, comfortable environment has always produced some of the best days of fishing. This day was no different! We headed offshore of Key West, during what was a slow week of fishing for most everyone in Key West, wondering what adventures awaited us … and we found some fun mahi and wahoo!

When we left the dock that morning, no one expected us to catch much of anything, especially not mahi and wahoo, as fishing had been very slow for everyone in Key West, and because we were a boat full of ladies. However, we had a legendary captain behind the wheel and some of the best ladies on board and ready for a fish party.

These ladies brought high spirits, great music, some magical luck and some of the best jello shots ever made. The weather was perfect, the ocean had never been more beautiful, and then the fish were drawn to our magical energy … or maybe it was our stellar dance moves … it’s really hard to say what brought the fish that day, but they definitely showed up to party! Before long we were covered up in mahi, fish flying everywhere, and the 79 year old legend yelling “GIRL POWER from above.

Mahi, Wahoo and the Ladies come to Key West having some Key West fun

We even had a couple of surprise wahoo mixed in. My favorite fish to catch, so I was jumping for joy as well. These girls were handling the deck like pros, and it made my heart happy to watch them embrace fishing so quickly. At one point a handle even broke off a reel, but the ladies just jumped to hand lining that fish in … just another day of Key West fishing fun. We came back to the dock with the catch of the day, and a lifetime of memories.

What can I say. All we do is win!

See some fun mahi and wahoo videos on our Youtube channel!

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