Fishing from the Barbie Blowup Jeep on the sandbars of Key West FL
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Mutton Snapper fun on Key West’s Sandbars

Key West’s sandbars are some of the most beautiful. When I’m not fishing, it’s usually where you can find me. For my birthday, my friends decided to take me to Key West’s sandbars in the backcountry for a day of relaxing on the water. To top it off, they brought me a Barbie floating jeep and a fishing rod, so I could relax and fish for the day! That’s how the legend of the Birthday Mutton Snapper came to be, on a fun trip with friends …

In case you weren’t aware, my name is Barbie, and my birthday fell on a perfectly beautiful day. My wonderful friends decided it would be fun to get me out on the water for a Key West’s sandbars day to celebrate. To make it more fun, they found me a big Barbie floating jeep for me to relax on!

They also brought me a fishing rod to see if I could manage to catch a fish off this floating jeep. I never doubted myself, but everyone else seemed to find it to be a rather tall order. We were expecting to catch a couple of little snappers at best, but the sandbar we were anchored up on was not well known for catching fish. What it is known for is its beautiful waters, sandy bottom and wonderful wildlife.

However, on the first cast from the birthday floating jeep, I hooked up on a nice mutton snapper. I flopped the mutton up on the jeep deck, floated the jeep back to the boat, and properly measured the mutton snapper and it was indeed a keeper! No one really believes the story when I tell it, but I do have video and witnesses to the story.

Mutton snapper on the Barbie Jeep on Key West's sandbars
Key West's sandbars

The rest of the day we spent floating around, walking the sandbars, searching for wildlife and just enjoying our quiet time with friends. We found stingrays, conch shells, starfish and time to just breath. It’s one of our favorite sandbars off all of Key West’s sandbars.

Many people come to this sandbar to anchor up and relax for the day with friends. We were spending our day the same way. Bring your snacks, drinks and sunscreen and you’ll be set for a day of relaxing and fun.

All in all, it was the perfect birthday with Captain Scotty on CoastUp Charters. The next time you’re in the Florida Keys, I highly recommend you head out to Key West’s sandbars for your own celebration, or just a day of peace and relaxing. You never know what you’ll find out there! Oh, and the mutton made for a delicious birthday dinner, in case you were wondering!

Make sure to visit our YouTube channel to watch the video of our sandbar trip with Capt Scotty!

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