Mahi with the family, offshore Key West, FL

Taking the Family Fishing in Key West

When family comes to visit Key West, I get to bring them to work with me. They get to experience my daily life, and all the hard work and fun that comes with it. We have fished together our whole lives, but nothing compares to taking the family fishing in Key West! They have so much fun, they still don’t think I actually have a job. I still forget this is my full time job! It was a quick trip, but it was the perfect family fishing day!

It isn’t nearly often enough that the family comes to Key West. We do the usual sunsets, Duval Street and beach time. But taking the Fischer’s fishing will always be our go to vacation!

Catching a sunset with the Fischers in Key West FL
My dad and brother with a Mahi Mahi in Key West, FL

I’ve been offshore fishing with my Dad and my brother before, but here in Key West, I get to really show them the ropes. My Dad still doesn’t think I actually have a job, and most days, I can’t argue with that fact. This time he got to experience mahi and wahoo in Key West, first hand!

It was a fairly slow day, but we had the typical family stories to catch up on while the fish slept in. First we hooked into a nice pair of mahi. Those fish fought terrible harder than they should have, and danced around making quite the spectacle of themselves. It was so much fun!

Taking the family fishing in Key West, FL
Wahoo in Key West, FL

I tried to warn my dad about the elusive Wahoo, and it’s ability to make grown men cry, but he didn’t really believe me right away. After we had the mahi safely tucked away in the fish box, the deep troll popped and the line raced off. My dad was promptly introduced to the wahoo. It was a nice wahoo who went for a bit of a swim before he decided to pay attention to the hook in his face. However, Dad dug in and managed to get him to the boat. Never a dull moment when you take the family fishing in Key West!

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